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Last Post


Calling all student artists!

   started by Jennifer

Calling all student artists, crafters, designers, filmmakers, painters, singers, dancers, performers, innovators, dreamers...
The F.U.E.L. Collection (Fostering Undergraduate ...

category: Alumni & Schools Temple University

11-17-2005 09:17 PM
by Jennifer


Who's your favorite Georgia professor?

   started by Kevin

Who's the best University of Georgia professor you've had?

category: Alumni & Schools University of Georgia

11-09-2005 11:25 AM
by Tyrus


I need your help!!

   started by Jackie

Hi, my name is Jackie Vo and along with my 4 class members (Dan Gaspar, Ryan Linton, and Sara Peashock) we are conducting a study for our marketing class. We are looking for any Temple Stud...

category: Alumni & Schools Friday Nights at Temple

11-07-2005 08:43 PM
by Jackie


Where's the best place to party at Berkeley?

   started by Kevin

Where's your favorite place to party? What frat, house, bar, club, etc is the best place to party at?

category: Alumni & Schools Berkeley Parties

11-07-2005 04:54 PM
by caylin


Post A Party??

   started by Jonathan

Alright theres a party been planned for October 1st, a saturday... There is gonna be a fee of $2.. but than drink all you want~~!! the Djs are Dj DeLacola also known as Dj Temazo an...

category: Alumni & Schools Drexel University

11-06-2005 09:42 AM
by Deepali



   started by Danielle

Hi everyone!!! :p

category: Alumni & Schools Penn Hills

11-06-2005 09:25 AM
by Danielle



   started by dyanna

Hey Everyone, I need to get a random person to let me interview them about fashion magazines for a research paper that I'm working on. The only requirements are that you are fa...

category: Alumni & Schools University of California, Berkeley

11-03-2005 10:34 PM
by dyanna


Do you like the PRT?

   started by Kevin

What to you think of the people movers (Personal Rapid Transit system) at WVU? The university is so proud of them. Somehow, I don't share their same enthusiasm for the old, clunky, fear-for...

category: Alumni & Schools West Virginia University

10-25-2005 01:58 PM
by Elizabeth


what did u think of the OU vs BALLSTATE GAME?

   started by amanda


category: Alumni & Schools Friday Nights at Ohio University

10-24-2005 03:46 PM
by amanda


What do you do for fun?

   started by Kevin

What does everyone do for fun on Campus? Is there anything to do at all :?

category: Alumni & Schools University of California, San Diego

10-23-2005 04:44 AM
by Truc-Anh


Have you picked a major, what are you considering?

   started by Kevin

What is your major or what are you considering?

category: Alumni & Schools Tufts University Freshmen

10-17-2005 12:48 PM
by Kevin


Favorite professor?

   started by Kevin

Who's the best professor you've had at Tufts?
(grade your professors through the tab above)

category: Alumni & Schools Tufts University

10-17-2005 12:41 PM
by Kevin


Zanesville Campus

   started by Chris

I guess this thread is for those of us at Zanesville

category: Alumni & Schools Ohio University

10-13-2005 10:17 AM
by amanda


Costume Party

   started by MIke

hey who is having costume parties for haloween and where are they at?

category: Alumni & Schools Friday Nights at Slippery Rock

10-12-2005 11:50 PM
by MIke


What sports do you play at the Rock?

   started by Kevin

Do you play sports at Slippery Rock. What do you play?

category: Alumni & Schools Slippery Rock University

10-12-2005 08:19 PM
by MIke


Plans For HomeComing....

   started by Laura

What is everyone doing for homecoming??:|

category: Alumni & Schools Homecomming

10-11-2005 08:13 AM
by Elaine


What parties have you been to?

   started by Kevin

Have you been to any parties? Where at?

category: Alumni & Schools UMass Freshmen

10-10-2005 09:54 AM
by Kevin


Which University of Massachusetts Campus is the best?

   started by Kevin

Which UMass campus do you think is the best? Amherst, Lowell, Boston, Dartmouth, or Worcester?

category: Alumni & Schools University of Massachusetts

10-07-2005 05:37 PM
by Kevin


What year did u grad.

   started by Beth

I graduated from CCHS in 2004. My class was the best.

category: Alumni & Schools Central Cambria Red Devils

10-05-2005 04:20 PM
by Jeff



   started by Kevin

Wow, this place is packed! haha! Maybe it's better this way!

category: Alumni & Schools Pittsburgh Technical Institute

10-03-2005 04:41 AM
by Kevin
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