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Anyone ever been?

   started by Jon

This past February, I took a trip to Munich and then over to Amsterdam. It was awesome. German beer is the greatest thing in the world. It's amazing how much better it tastes.

category: Religion & Culture German

06-27-2005 11:02 PM
by Jon


Worst Shisha Flavor?

   started by Aisha

GRAPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! even though i love grape but for some reason...... the shisha grape just aint good...

category: Religion & Culture Sheesha

06-22-2005 07:30 AM
by Laura


Nominee Speeches

   started by Aisha

Alright everyone. This is where all the nominees can say a few words on why they want to be miss campushopper and tell us a little bit about yourself. Feel free to comment on the speeches....

category: Religion & Culture Miss.Campushopper

06-08-2005 05:52 PM
by Amber


Sheesha time

   started by Aisha

:D so i got my own sheesha! i am super excited because its beautiful and works GREAT! i got it form ebay. i would recommend that for anyone looking to buy a sheesha since at the usual shees...

category: Religion & Culture Sheesha Owners

05-23-2005 05:12 PM
by Aisha



   started by Aisha

Alright everyone... lets vote for 'Mr.­ Campushopper' Based on a series of questions and­ of course looks. Once there are a minimum of 15­ memebers voting will start! so hurry up lets­ have...

category: Religion & Culture Mr. Campushopper

05-22-2005 09:36 PM
by talena


What's in a name?

   started by Gavin

Does it ever bother anyone that the word "Crusade" is in your name? I mean, I get what you mean by it, but the word is associated with some pretty horrible things that Christians...

category: Religion & Culture Campus Crusade For Christ

05-21-2005 01:39 PM
by Matthew


Important People in Your Life

   started by Jup Jeremy

Tell us about all the special people in your life and how they help and support you. :D

category: Religion & Culture Spirituality

05-12-2005 09:59 PM
by Jup Jeremy


hey...just as a heads up...there already is a pakistan community...check it out

   started by Arbo

on my community list :)

category: Religion & Culture Pakistan

05-05-2005 10:54 PM
by Arbo


Need more Asians...

   started by Ji

I think this forum needs more members... Hmm... Sad. :(

category: Religion & Culture Asian On Line

04-30-2005 03:12 AM
by Ji


finger prints of God and foot prints in the sand

   started by TIANA

Mine is sort of different. I attended church with my buddy last sunday and saw it all layed before me. Before I knew he was just there, just because, and still do. But also, evertime I pr...

category: Religion & Culture Spiritual Experience

04-28-2005 07:43 PM



   started by wally

The University of Houston Nigerian Student Association currently elected their officers for 2005/2006 academic year. This association is known to be one of the best Nigerian student associa...

category: Religion & Culture Nigerian Students

04-28-2005 11:34 AM
by wally



   started by Lindsey

war stinks

category: Religion & Culture Peace

04-25-2005 05:59 PM
by Lindsey


Some Famous Agnostics

   started by Ji

Charles Darwin: a 19th century British self-taught geologist and writer. Thomas H. Huxley: a well known English religious skeptic, invented the term Agnostic in the 1840's.
category: Religion & Culture AGNOSTICISM

04-24-2005 05:57 AM
by Ji



   started by April

Harvest Christian Fellowship. Cool. My cousins go to a church by that name in Auburn, MA.

category: Religion & Culture Harvest Christian Fellowship

04-20-2005 04:34 PM
by April
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Definition: Agnosticism is a concept, not a religion. It is a belief related to the existence or non-existence of God. An agnostic is a person who feels that God's existence can neither be proved nor disproved, on the basis of current evidence. Agnostics note that some theologians and philosophers have tried to to prove, for millennia, that God exists. Others have attempted to prove that God does not exist. Agnostics feel that neither side has convincingly succeeded at their task.
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