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Last Post


riding home

   started by Arbo

hey mo...i was driving home this morning from new bethelehem and dedicated that drive to you...i hit 140...and the drive wasnt as solid at that high speed as the nsx felt...but maybe ill ha...

category: Individuals For the love of Mo

01-07-2006 12:35 PM
by Arbo



   started by Amanda

I'm the oooooooonly one........

category: Individuals I'm Finnish

11-11-2005 01:26 PM
by Amanda


Join if You Love the WaHo

   started by brinkley

Everyone feel free to post their hilarious adventures at Waffle House. Like the time the entire store, including employees, gathered outside and egged the WaHo with all of the...

category: Individuals Waffle House Fans

11-08-2005 10:35 PM
by brinkley


too many of them

   started by Kiet

I can name tons of the sexiest men alive. hahaha. Why don't you name some?

category: Individuals sexiest man alive

10-31-2005 07:32 PM
by Raymond


Bond girl or not?

   started by Enver

whats this ruckus about her being billed as the next Bond girl????

category: Individuals Aishwariya Rai

10-30-2005 04:39 PM
by Ibrahim


from POLAND!!

   started by Michal

who was born in poland and where? i was born in Zyrardow!!

category: Individuals Dumb Pollock Society

10-27-2005 10:11 AM
by Michael



   started by Vivian

I agree and that Hair ball scene is outrageously funny!

category: Individuals Puss N Boots

10-22-2005 04:53 PM
by Vivian


Im going crazy

   started by Aisha

Who else is going crazY??? this semester blows!!!!! :(... cant wait for spring break 8) till then i shall be in loco-mode! woooooooooooah

category: Individuals Ive gone Bananas

10-13-2005 01:37 PM
by Brandy



   started by Kalin

jokes all around!!!

category: Individuals Anti-Aisha Community Joiners

10-12-2005 12:13 AM
by Jeff


I really hate the popped collar

   started by Jeff

Its tru.... I really hate the popped collar

category: Individuals Anti- pop collar

10-11-2005 01:00 PM
by Jeff


Oops...thought this was a different community...

   started by Jon

OH!! Pro-CRAStinators Unite!! My bad!

category: Individuals Procrastinators Unite

10-10-2005 02:08 PM
by Stephen



   started by Annsha

Tweety was my freshman mascot and then Marvin the Martian...maybe I should start a MArvin the Martian community.....

category: Individuals Tweety

10-08-2005 03:35 AM
by Charmaigne


New show fall 05

   started by Tim

Oct. 14th Hub Delaware Room Assuming We're Already Dead 7pm

category: Individuals Timmy J

10-06-2005 03:34 PM
by Tim


Make us smile!

   started by Ashley

Tell a joke or funny storie to make us laugh!!

category: Individuals Smile

10-05-2005 09:24 AM
by Ashley


Mom Memory

   started by Ashley

What is your fave. memory from when you were little about your mom?

category: Individuals I Love My Mom

10-05-2005 09:23 AM
by Ashley


Do you snoore when u sleep?

   started by Aisha

IVE HEARD I DO :| i dont think i do though :p..who does???

category: Individuals Sleepaholics

10-04-2005 10:44 AM
by Marcie


i am superman

   started by Matt

see picture.

category: Individuals Superman

10-03-2005 11:26 AM
by Matt


Summer plans?

   started by Aisha

really thank God for summer! damn right!!!! :) whats your summer plan?8)

category: Individuals Thank God For Summer Break

10-02-2005 05:57 AM
by Aisha


Best of the Undead...

   started by Michelle

I say Fulci's Zombi 2/ Zombie is probably one of the best zombie flicks of all time. Shawn of the Dead gets my love up at the top ten, and the American Idol series is my favorite televisio...

category: Individuals Zombie

09-30-2005 06:56 PM
by Michelle


More Annoying

   started by Laura

I dont know whos more annoying her sister or

category: Individuals Jessica al.

09-28-2005 05:34 PM
by Cara
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