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don't knock it till you try it.

   started by Jake

i know that it's a relatively cheap beverage, but it seriously is pretty good. Plus, it won a blue ribbon back in 1896, as the can boasts. So you know you got a winner when you drink the ...

category: Health & Fitness Pabst Blue Ribbon

09-13-2005 07:40 PM
by Barry


Atleast the Mouth doesn't bleed!

   started by Kevin

Any thoughts?

category: Health & Fitness I hate periods

09-13-2005 12:50 PM
by Brandy



   started by Julie

Vote for ur fav flavor to b raised from the dead. Go vote at ard/. Let the rest of us know what u voted. :)

category: Health & Fitness Gotta Love Ben and Jerry's

09-13-2005 12:10 PM
by Brandy


Favourite Chocolate???

   started by Aisha

Mines Snickers, TWIx, Kit kat, CADbury of any sort, hersheys milk chocolate, those dark chocolate ones u get from some big store in the mall :P... and a whole loads more

category: Health & Fitness I'm a chocolate addict

08-23-2005 11:01 PM
by Jessica


Todd's an idiot

   started by Megan

you would put that picture of yourself up there

category: Health & Fitness Physical Fitness

08-21-2005 09:44 PM
by Megan



   started by Marybeth

glad to see some other SVCers here that know how to have a good time! much love to all of my fellow smokers

category: Health & Fitness Weed

08-19-2005 04:28 PM
by Delaina


just thought id remind you

   started by jerod

eckerds no longer was bought by CVS...BAH evil company...made me lose my job

category: Health & Fitness Anal Leakage

08-16-2005 08:59 AM
by Jessica



   started by Amanda

What are some good spices to use for cooking?

category: Health & Fitness Vegetarian

08-08-2005 04:41 PM
by Amanda



   started by Nicole

Hey, let's swap some lower fat recipes and/or suggestions for diet food that actually tastes good!

category: Health & Fitness Curves

06-06-2005 09:27 PM
by Nicole


Whos your favorite Character?

   started by Aisha

I like the yellow dude! he is always up to nothing and lazying around :P...

category: Health & Fitness M & M's

05-26-2005 06:02 PM
by Deepali



   started by Ian

Blue Moon is a nice change up from the norm, i love it!

category: Health & Fitness Blue Moon Beer

05-24-2005 11:15 PM
by Ian


I love this pink stuff

   started by Kimba

I can heat tons of it until I get sick..he!he! :p

category: Health & Fitness Cotton Candy

05-18-2005 02:46 PM
by Aisha



   started by Mariska

my favorite beer:)

category: Health & Fitness corona

05-08-2005 03:20 PM
by Syed


Favorite Liquor?

   started by Dustin

I usually go with Jaquin's vodka... $8.50 for a 5th that's WAY better than vladdy, and it can get me drunk 2-3 times

category: Health & Fitness Liquor over Beer

05-02-2005 11:37 AM
by Dustin


Im addicted to...

   started by Noelle

Im completly addicted to spicy food. No joke. If it doesnt already come spicy, i add crushed pepper or chile(hot sauce) to it! At least its not unhealthy 'cause red pepper is good for your ...

category: Health & Fitness Food

04-30-2005 11:04 PM
by Jup Jeremy


who can hook me up with...

   started by Ryan

some BUBBLE GUM ICECREAM!? with the blue and pink and different colored candy stuff in it, you know what i'm talkin about!

category: Health & Fitness Ice Cream

04-24-2005 10:15 PM
by jen


bad idea

   started by amber

its a bad idea to eat pizza after 9 at night,lol. unless its cold pizza, then its awesome!

category: Health & Fitness Pizza

04-21-2005 10:32 PM
by Thomas


make it legal

   started by heather

What is your opinion on making the "green" legal? wouldnt it be great, or just bring more problems

category: Health & Fitness Drug Questions

04-20-2005 02:46 PM
by heather


Can you drink TOO much water??

   started by D

I drink about 7 glasses a day, and my friend says that may be too much. I have another friend who drinks way more than me. Is there any such thing as drinking too much water? W/ Luv...

category: Health & Fitness Water

04-14-2005 10:49 AM
by Tracey


I poop a lot

   started by Arbo

I poop a lot...anyone else?

category: Health & Fitness I have to go sheetz

04-06-2005 12:22 AM
by Jessie
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