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Last Post



   started by Zahara

hes so cute

category: Arts & Entertainment jake gyllenhaal

12-17-2006 09:26 PM
by Zainab


Great way to know if someone loves you

   started by Ibrahim

I usually take a flower and pick the pedals off saying: "She loves me, He loves me not...i mean she loves me not..." 8)

category: Other Lets Talk

12-09-2006 11:00 PM
by Samantha


I love..

   started by Aisha

sebastian!! :g

category: Arts & Entertainment The LIttle Mernaid

11-30-2006 01:01 PM
by Zainab


What times do you get ON?

   started by Aisha

so what time do you most often log on to campushopper if not all the time 8)?

category: Individuals Campushopper Addicts

11-17-2006 01:06 PM
by Zainab



   started by Aisha

Any questions regarding Islam? Discuss here :)..

category: Religion & Culture Islam

10-05-2006 12:51 PM
by Zainab


what u ain't got nothin to say?

   started by Sarah

you've gotta have something to say about this man if u a fan or lets just get some convo up in here

category: Music Tupac Amaru Shakur

09-22-2006 02:43 PM
by Crystal


OSU vs Texas

   started by christopher

Did you watch the game tonight against Texas. It was horrible. The officials sucked.

category: Sports & Recreation The Ohio State Buckeyes

09-20-2006 11:31 PM
by Mitch


One night stands...

   started by Andrea

I had a bad experience the other night with this. I wanna know why college guys are so impersonal about sex. Why are they against committment?

category: Dating & Relationships The Opposite Sex

09-01-2006 10:43 PM
by IbRaHiM


Stress sucks !

   started by Heather

Right now.....I'm stressing pretty bad. Trying to work a full time job AND go to school for my bachelor's degree !! I'm about ready to go over the edge !

category: Health & Fitness Stress

08-29-2006 09:06 PM
by IbRaHiM


Worst annoying habbits

   started by Aisha

i bite my nails a lot gets pretty annoying for me and others :O

category: Other Pet Peeves

08-25-2006 05:18 PM
by Lauren


I so like love brocolli

   started by Heather

& im glad I not have supporters of my brocolli habbit. thank you for showing me that I am not alone. *wipes away tear*

category: Religion & Culture Brocolli

08-20-2006 01:30 PM
by Deepali


Favorite Johnny Depp movie

   started by regina

its so hard to pick just I guess i have two. finding neverland and pirates of the carribean

category: Arts & Entertainment Johnny Depp

08-19-2006 06:45 PM
by Deepali


La Culture

   started by Amanda

Quelle est votre chose préférée de la culture française, et pourquoi?

category: Individuals I'm French

08-16-2006 01:43 AM
by Amanda


Ward MVP

   started by Laura

Soo happy Ward made MVP...Sad this will be the Bus's last year...But at least it ended well...And now we can finally said we kicked ass and won the SUPERBOWL!!:)

category: Sports & Recreation Steelers

08-03-2006 12:13 AM
by Michael


sending the mad jogger to the tennis courts

   started by Arbo

what up mo daddy. i know that you sent that son of a bitch running past omer and i as we were playing tennis. for those of you that were not there, this guy had a jack lambert steelers je...

category: Individuals For the love of Mo

07-15-2006 01:01 PM
by Aisha



   started by Deepali

Everyone knows her!

category: Individuals The Populars Around Campushopper

07-13-2006 10:36 PM
by Melissa



   started by Deepali

i can't wait until it comes out. kajol and aamir khan!!! whoot whoot

category: Cities & Neighborhoods Bollywood

07-06-2006 09:39 PM
by Deepali


Whats your favourite animal?

   started by Aisha

mine wud be a lion :P..for some reaosn i always wanted one... too bad i never got around getting one..hmm *i wonder why* :|

category: Individuals Animal Lovers

06-16-2006 12:27 AM
by Elaine


What's your favorite Drink

   started by Michael

I figured someone should start a topic, and since this is for alcoholics: What is your favorite tasty adult beverage? I have to go with a Long Island for mixed dri...

category: Hobbies & Activities alcoholics

06-05-2006 05:42 PM
by Brandon


My Favorite Movie

   started by Sherika

This is my favorite movie...I can watch it over and over and over again it reminds me of me and my best friend...if only one day we would just stop playing around and get married already!!!!

category: Arts & Entertainment Love and Basketball

06-04-2006 09:03 PM
by Crystal
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