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2012's 50 Half Brain Things To­ Accomplish by Nevaeh Slaeh  -  Sam Houston State University

So this past weekend I was tricked into going to my sister's football game. Where her school was playing against my old high school.

I use to be on drill team and haven't visited my high school since well... I GRADUATED! Which was "7-years ago."

When I went to the side of the stadium where you could see my sister perform (on band) it was on my old high school side. Where I ran into my old dance teacher & school mate.

Some might be thinking so what, big deal, it happens. But it wasn't the running into my past that bothered me. It was the what the HELL did I have to tell that is so interesting that I have done in 7 YEARS to account for.
This is the series of faces I made trying to answer that question:

And all I could think of was hmmmm... I graduated from college.
Don't get me wrong that's great, but I couldn't say oh you know I've experienced all these awsome even normal things in 7 YEARS.


I'm going to crame in 1 year and 2months of 50 things I've always wanted to do and share every experience with well... Who ever runs across this blog.

#1. Start a blog and Stick with it. Because I'm not so great with committments. In any area of my life. But this is a start.

Hey only 49 more to go!!!!

Posted Thursday, November 3, 2011 0 Comments | View Blog 
Snowmageddon 2010 by Aisha  -  Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Have you ever spent long grueling hours digging out the flaky and at times hard snow around your car? So wished you had no winter coat on from the intense workout...So much...Advil seemed like itís going to be your best friend for that semi-good night achy sleep. Well, i experienced that today. Why iím blogging about it...well because itís ĎHISTORICí.

This weekend, Washington, DC and the surrounding regions got the biggest, badest snowstorm since 1920. Shutting down airports leaving thousands stranded, over 200,000 without power, and a good hundred people with a snowball fight of the century! (held in Dupont Circle). Snow accumulated as much as a little over 3 feet in some areas.

At my job, we got out at 12 PM on friday and are off on monday. That is rare. We hardly ever close. Because most of the accumulation was to set in around friday night, saturday all day; like most people, i decided to venture out in the snowy driveways to attempt to clean the snow off and around my car. Uh...yeah. It was one of those moments, you walk out....and your bloods pumping and your just ready to rock....and then you look at whatís actually in front of you and you freeze. So i froze for a few moments, but eventually trying to shovel the snow off the car. I was thrilled when my kind neighbors (whom i had never met before), not only let me borrow their shovel but actually helped me until it was all good to go! As much as it was painful to clean, it was delightful to watch all the kids playing in the snow, the lovebirds throwing snowballs at each other, the parents yelling at the kids to not get any snow in their boots or hit a lamp post or something dug in the snow.....Family time. It was great to watch that while i plowed my way to my carís front hood.

O yes and everyone was snowed in..

Posted Wednesday, February 10, 2010 0 Comments | View Blog 
Been a while.. by Aisha  -  Indiana University of Pennsylvania

It sure has been a long time since my last entry eh? Bro prolly wont be too happy with that (sorry...but this is what you get for leaving me! )

Im pondering of a topic to write about...hmm..

okay...ill come back to this tomorrow.. =

Posted Monday, November 9, 2009 0 Comments | View Blog by matt morgan  -  University of Central Florida, Orlando

Collegelearner will be launching the all new hot mens clothes in September! "Girl Tested and Chick Approved". Keep a eye out.

Posted Saturday, August 2, 2008 0 Comments | View Blog 
office supplies ­ "stinkyseat" by matt morgan  -  University of Central Florida, Orlando

If your looking for something to help your office seat has the answer. Go to find happiness. It fits on all office chairs and will give you a better day at work.

Posted Sunday, July 6, 2008 0 Comments | View Blog 

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