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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Hurricane Rita

What is everyone planning on doing? Leaving Houston? Going where?
It's scary, really... I mean to think it's a hurricane as strong as Katrina. My ideal plan is to go to Monterrey. Forced vacations hehe. But no, it's not about fun. Gosh, I hope everything turns out fine

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Sunday, September 18, 2005
By the way, the title...

Lost romanticism, yeah. People are so used to typing. That includes me, I'm so used to following my sentences with those cute little smiley faces on the messenger... yup. I was writing on my notebook last week and found myself about to draw a smiley face for expression. It's as if writing alone has never ever in time been capable of reflecting feelings and emotions. That's what internet does to us. Even love letters carry false letters without the touch of our hands and original writing. So romanticism, yeah... I'm adding to it's lost.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005
Como veran...

Este fin se supone iriamos mi novio y yo a Monterrey. En parte porque tenemos muchisimas ganas de ir desde hace... mucho tiempo. Y en segundo, eran tambien las fiestas patrias, y si alguno por ahi es Mexicano sabe como se pone por alla! Sin ambargo estoy hoy, Domingo trabajando. La televisión no ofrece algo bueno para entretenerme. Tengo un quiz que hacer en WebCT de Quimica. Hoy abri el mail refiriendose a esto de hacer un blog en una comunidad de la universidad. Asi que aqui me tienen compartiendo mi tiempo para dedicarles la primera entrada de blog. Nos estaremos leyendo seguido

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