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 Blogs Tour: What's a Blog?

A Blog is your personal web site. It is an online journal where you can post your thoughts, daily experiences, or what have you. It is your diary. It is a podium from which you can speak to the world. Basically, it's what you choose it to be.

What's great about a blog is that it talks back to you. Fellow students who read your blog can leave you comments, kind of like receiving feedback on your thoughts.

Your blog is an ongoing record. It is a simple and free publishing tool where each new dated entry appears above the previous one. You have the option of browsing through all of your previous entries, including visitor comments.

Okay, I know what your thinking...or maybe I don't, but at some point you might wonder why it is called a blog, if it's really an online journal? The term blog was derived from the term weblog or web log, meaning a log (or journal) existing on the web.

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   What is a Blog?

   A Blog is your personal webspace,
   where you can post your thoughts
   and interact with other students.

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